Only One Life Ministries

Striving to be Faithful 
Strive not to be merely Successful, 
Strive instead to be Faithful.

These are 2 sentences that immediately evoke curiosity and wonder as being Faithful doesn't usually equate to being Sucessful.     Yet, in the Bible, the Lord Jesus always says that His followers need to be faithful.    

In the walk of faith, the Christian often struggles with balancing wealth and serving God.     Often, the pursuit of wealth is viewed as being evil while pursuing a life of poverty is viewed as being holy.   

But is this really what God teaches in the Bible?

The Prosperity Gospel of the modern Christian age has somewhat created skeptics both within the Christian commiunity and outside, as it is perceived as being too good to be true or being lop-sided in doctrine.

We shall not debate the Prosperity Gospel on our pages, but what we extol is the Stewardship Gospel.    It is a ministry and life philosophy that centres around being faithful as stewards or caretakers of God's Kingdom resources that He has assigned to our care.   These resources are our talents, our time, and certainly our wealth.

Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, 
Strive not to be merely successful, 
Strive to be Faithful!


Rev Dr Edwin Lee